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  1. Trendy Modern Modular Slim Sofa Furniture Design by Stephane Perruchon

    April 6, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern leather sofa

    Looks like a futuristic ultra modern sofa furniture design. This modular sofa designed by Stephane Perruchon is the great new slim sofa furniture design concept that is consist of 3 seats and able to become corner model. If you are looking for detail on this modern sofa furniture picture gallery, you will see the collection is available in black, metal and silver color. This two combined color can make minimalist room interior decorating atmosphere. This modular modern sofa could not only give comfortable relaxing but also provide practical zones for storage space a little of magazines otherwise books. The practical shelve through onside night be also especially useful for those people who like to eat on a sofa. Its entire element can be covered with leather or alcantra. This new sofa concept seems very trendy and could perfectly suit to any trendy living room designs. You can visit the furniture designer website for more information. -via-

    modern slim sofa interior

    modern modular slim sofa furniture

    black metal modular sofa