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  1. Mountains Home Architecture, Ski House Four-Story Dwelling Wooden Interior

    November 29, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Contemporary Ski House Facade Architecture

    Wood dwelling interior decorating ideas presented by Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates created this contemporary mountain home architecture called The Ski House. This modern unique house designed a long time ago for a family with two kids where they also can meet through a large number of home guests. The Ski House flooring plan design is wide pine planks; there is creative cedar siding inside and out and it is furnished typically through an oak furniture collection of. Ski House is on the steep northern slope of the mountain higher than Vail in a stunning stand of aspen trees and low evergreen bushes.

    Simple Ski House Wood Furniture

    The Ski House architectural plan building is a four-story house and inspires of tall, straight trees around it features wonderful views of surroundings. The house first story contains storage space, minimalist laundry room, and comfortable sauna facilities. The home second story contains elegant master bedrooms and small bunkrooms to accommodate guests. The house third story contains the simple small kitchen and dining rooms with a separate room to be used as playroom-TV room for the children and as a guest room. The fourth floor is in the tree tops with big dormer windows containing window seats that can also be used as beds for additional guests. It’s very gorgeous mountain house inspiration! Check this pictures gallery.

    Ski House Wooden Decorative Wall Covering

    Unique Ski House Wooden Interior Design

    Innovative Ski House Architectural Plan