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  1. Spacious Step House Design in Narrow Plot Land

    September 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    step apartment with lime and white full view

    If you are looking for architecture plan about designing a minimalist spacious house design on a narrow plot of land, may be this idea can give you an inspiration. The Step House is a modern home designed by 05 AM Arquitectura, the Catalonian Spanish architects that worked wonders by this split-level, contemporary house which employs a terraced plan in its room interiors and exterior decorations. This house is situated in a small Spanish village in Girona, the openings of the home face the north and south by means of the north facing the old village through its cobble-stone streets, and the south facing the swimming pool, green courtyard and garden, and beautiful landscape.

    step apartment terrace design

    The innovative concept of stepped floors and Chartreuse yellow shelving allocates long stunning views and gorgeous natural light, however in addition characterizes the unusual spaces of the room. The home is planned to align with the north or the south elements. The house in minimalism style able to be accessed via two entrances, the first floor, ground entrance and the lower, ground garden level that is also the car port. The car garage is a middle space which blurs the outdoor-indoor divide.

    step apartment office and stairs

    step apartment office and hallway garage storage

    Among the house basement and the main level, the Step House designer has integrated the transitional level or floor that is reserved for leisure and study spaces. The depressed zone in the center of the home lets it to have a better relation among the landscape, and the fragmented roof allocates fabulous natural light to pass through. The small kitchen, comfortable living room, and terrace are the entire positioned on the main floor. Great home architecture idea!

    step apartment office and garage

    step apartment lime and white office

    step apartment lime and white and wood

    step apartment kitchen design

    step apartment indoor outdoor divide

    step apartment dining room and kitchen

    step apartment bedroom with country view

    modern step apartment kitchen space

    minimalist step apartment interior