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  1. Luxury Las Lomas Residence Architecture Design, Argentina by Estudio Ramos

    June 15, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Contemporary House Architectural Argentina

    The kind of modern house design presented by this luxury residence architecture design idea named Las Lomas located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The main purpose of a house, of shelter, is to keep nature and the elements at bay. The large dwelling is nestled among old, large tress and foliage and features a fortress such as front design for privacy. This contemporary Las Lomas house designed a front facade with few openings, in stark contrast to the back creative elevation design that is practically all glass. An open home green garden space sits in the middle of the residence to help with circulation but also divide the rooms. The minimalist living room and comfortable dining room both extend outside where the bar and barbecue spaces are located, and smacked in between them is the focal point of the yard a large outdoor swimming pool. There are some flat roofs which have been planted because of concerns ranging from the aesthetic design, practical to environmental. During the artistic process, a lot of issues were taken into account, but specially, the proportions of each space, its natural lighting and its relationship with the amazing home exterior. Here is it best sample Las Lomas luxurious residence pictures gallery for inspiration. -via-

    Creative Home Elevation Design Pictures

    Las Lomas Facade American Home Style

    Las Lomas Interior Glass Minimalist Style

    Las Lomas Luxury House Design Idea

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