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  1. 19 Fabulous Living Space Interior by Euromobil

    June 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white kitchen lighting

    The modern flowing open house interior design idea presented by Euromobil is a great inspiration for us. In this 19 sample pictures gallery shown below, you will notice how clean a living space but also looks luxury in style. Euromobil as a famous Italian design house company give us online catalog regarding their fabulous living space. Arranging importance on open plans which just give the impression to flow from room to room, Euromobil puts forward some stunning concepts which can be used for large spaces or small area. Several of the living room ideas discover single space living where shelving otherwise creative sliding glass doors work as partitions. You will furthermore see lots of unusual touches in them as well as pink colored cabinets, neon under glows, stylish lighting and floor to ceiling kitchen windows. Leave us your opinion about this concept!

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