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  1. 12 Rustic Refined Outdoor Garden Furniture Design

    September 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Pottery Barn Wood Dining Table and Chairs

    If you want to make a comfortable atmosphere in your garden, you should take a look at this contemporary rustic yet refined design of comfy outdoor garden furniture collection presented by Pottery Barn. There are available 12 unique outdoor furniture sets which you can choose to suite with your style. This company started out as a single store in 1949 located in Lower Manhattan. I like their sets of minimalist wood and wicker outdoor furniture below. These are everything other than pretentious – they are conscious of the environments around them, and have been planned to accommodate their background and the people which use them, although not sacrificing way. For further information: wicker works, mainly with a rustic country home decoration like this one, with its stone floors and hanging lanterns. Check more pictures gallery here! Enjoy and leave your personal opinion by leave a comment.

    Pottery Barn Rustic Wicker Outdoor Furniture

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    Pottery Barn Poolside Food Table

    Pottery Barn Outdoor Wicker with Wine

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    Pottery Barn Comfy Beach Furniture

    Pottery Barn Beach Furniture

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