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  1. Adjustable Patio Furniture: Circular Patio Umbrella

    March 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    modern patio umberella design idea

    Do you ever hear before about this unusual patio furniture design called Circular Patio Umbrella? Umbrosa as famous furniture manufacturer designed that idea for us. It’s very to be true creative, an extraordinary freestanding section of modern outdoor patio furniture, the Eclipse umbrella has a moon-like spherical exterior outstanding to the large disc at its head that present ample shade for everyone sitting or get relaxing under it.  This kind of outdoor seating furniture comes through a base and supporting pole, overall reaching 300 centimeters in height, while it is height adjustable system.

    The Eclipse furniture collection comes in 3 versions such as Premium, Limited Edition and Shadow, every one of which offer a degree of protection against the sun’s rays – in fact the Premium model prevents up to 97% of UV rays from reaching the skin. Each and every one can be hand washed at 40 degrees. Every element of the collection is offered in a range of minimalist colors, with Premium in red, terra otherwise taupe, for the production it is Limited Edition in lagoon, olive or orange; and Shadow in Nero, alba (grayish white) otherwise stone Grey. The materials differ depending on the version such as shadow is created from PVC, Limited Edition is in made from acrylic and Premium is fabricated from 100 % Olefin, a man-made fiber. The Circular Patio Umbrella shade arrangement moves around a full 360 degrees, whereas the shade itself able to be removed and stored unconnectedly when not in use. So, what are you waiting for? Get it now!

    creative patio umberella outdoor furniture

    umbrosa patio umbrella eclipse design