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  1. 2010 Amazing Pavilion Architecture Design Hongkong – Shanghai

    March 3, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern pavilion architecture design

    This modern pavilion design architecture is designed by Ida and Billy which is win awarded the First Prize. Spectacular and amazing building design ideas presents in 2010 Shanghai Expo with special theme ‘Better City, Better Life’. A project concept design competition was held in 2008 and received some 80+ submissions. Their architectural building design is determined by the functional needs of the pavilion, which is how to give the required exhibition areas and other feature within a small and limited space and with a height limit; and to create the Hong Kong Pavilion that is much smaller in size than the other pavilions, to still have its own attraction and uniqueness.

    spectacular creative pavilion design shanghai china

    From this sample pavilion design pictures gallery, you can get some inspiration. This struggle among limited physical area and unlimited super physical potential turn in to the essential elements of the Hong Kong Pavilion. The pavilion architecture represents a capital with a physical boundary slashed to unfold its infinite dimension – the imaginative VOID where ideas go beyond any physical boundary. This infinite dimension is created with infinite reflections generated by reflective membrane on its sky and floor that also brings in the surrounding environment to provide unbounded space. This VOID forms a characteristic visual component on the pavilion’s exterior and catches the visitors’ attention at distant. The Pavilion’s sensuous skin created of polyethylene non-woven textile waves with wind and subtly altering its texture and lighting decor, adds a dimension on the intangible relationship involving man and nature. -via-

    project plan pavilion design

    modern pavilion design shanghai expo

    interior pavilion shanghai architectural design

    hongkong pavilion shanghai 2010 china