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  1. Cool Pixar Office with Creative Interior

    June 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    pixar studio cartoon characters

    Do you want to know about how is the Pixar office interior design looks like? We are very happy to found some design photos gallery from Eight Hour Day Studio Blog and Krabjiem regarding the creative interior of the most prominent animation studios in the U.S. I am very interesting with the cool and colorful idea of Pixar office. There is some unique furniture and awesome wall decor. So, let’s go to their office interiors and try to visualize what a characteristic workday would look like from a Pixar employee’s perspective. Get ready!!

    pixar shark and nemo cartoon character

    pixar office work space

    pixar office living area

    pixar office hallway entrance

    pixar office grounds

    pixar living area with art deco

    pixar light bulb and ball

    pixar hallway and reception

    pixar employee lounge room

    pixar employee lounge and game room

    pixar characters statues in hallway

    pixar characters accessories

    pixar animated characters in hallway

    modern pixar office wall art

    front pixar office entrance

    contemporary pixar office hall

    artistic pixar office lounge wall decor

    animation on pixar walls

    amazing pixar studios entrance design

    aerial view of pixar office hallway