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  1. Modern Shopping Center Architecture Pedregal Mexico City

    March 5, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern shopping center design

    We introduce for you the new and creative modern shopping center architecture design located on Pedregal area of Mexico City. This is become a best architectural building in this country because of great and unique design in the exterior and interior decorating. Minimalist but comfortable, that is the main design ideas for this store center. Today the real-estate pressure and the need of services are beginning to promote significant changes for this Pedregal shopping center.

    minimalist store interior design

    The way that this construction relates with its context, is by breaking up with what is common to the zone that are large homes in big areas surrounded by extraordinarily high stone walls decor that do not let anyone know what is happening outside and vice versa. This main purpose is achieved with the main facade which consists of 2 elements: one of them linen with a zinc plate with large irregular perforations to which a unusual shades of yellow color and translucent laminated glass section is inlay. It allows the sight of the interior design event from the outside, and at the equal time allowing the view of the exterior architecture design event from the inside; in like this way the public social spaces mix and the limits within the private and the urban become frontiers.

    The modern store center project consists of 2 commercial levels and a roof garden and two underground parking levels. Mobility impaired individual’s access and areas are included: ramps, special parking spaces, elevators, etc, car reception area at the entrance and the exit to avoid parking in the public way, numerous garden areas, including the roof, car delivery zone inside the first parking basement floor. This is a amazing and intelligent development project with an automation and control system that contemplates active and passive energy saving resources: lighting and extraction control, opening and closing façade rolling doors, air conditioning, security and control access, prevention signage, CCTV, all of them scheduled and synchronized. Via: Pascal Arquitectos

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    creative modern store center design

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