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  1. Modern Small Space Modular Transformable Furniture Set Design by HeyTeam

    October 11, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Modular Rectangular Table Design Living Room

    Beautiful modular furniture set designed by HeyTeam is called Multiplo. A creative functional small space furniture idea that has multi-purpose very perfect for your modern homes interior designs. Innovative transformable piece of furniture that can act as a glamor king sized bed, rectangular table, elegant lounge seating set, unique storage space furniture and an contemporary armchair design product which is available in colorful design such as green, yellow, and red. Even though Multiplo is so universal it’s very simple and minimalist design. In vibrant colors, this Italian modular furniture set could become a very nice addition to every modern living room where space is at premium. Style and functionally are its focal characteristics so it is not hard to find people who will be happy to have such set in their houses. More information about Multiplo furniture catalog visit:

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