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  1. Lounge Chair Furniture Design Trends by Solovyov Design Studio

    March 3, 2011 by newhouseofart

    OFO Lounge Chair Modern Design

    Cool and colorful design OFO lounge chair furniture design idea designed by Solovyov Design Studio is one of the most creative lounge chairs with built in book storage space. It’s look like small library under your chair, truly awesome right? OFO is the amazing combination of latest furniture design trends in this year 2011. Available in colorful style such as yellow, grey, purple, red and blue. The chair’s shape is truly wonderful and an innovative book storage compartment is so big that it can fit a small library. Separately from its unique shape architectures design the OFO chair comes in a mixture of vivid colors and color combinations. The storage section is positioned under the seat so it won’t affect a comfort of someone seating on the chair. If you love to read books or magazine, have a small favorite collection of them and your space is at a premium this chair is a perfect alternative for you. More information and where to buy this modern home furniture is available in this website.

    Curved Lounge Chair Built-In Book Storage

    Colorful Lounge Chair Unique Shape Design