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  1. Modern Modular Library Bookcase Lodge Design Ideas

    January 10, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modular bookcase design

    Beautiful home library interior design in this pictures gallery below is some inspiration for you to build and create your perfect reading room design. Modern functional library design combine with some red chair furniture design and minimalist bookcase design. This called Lodge. Modern modular bookcase which obtains a high degree of personalization since it is formed from blocks of the same height that allow a free work of art. This modular bookcase design ideas can enlarge the height of the bookcase from new modules as more space is needed for storage space. The modern bookcase can presents special compartments, suitable as much for books as for complements and decorative pieces. In addition, it is likely to be used such as separator of spaces, because it comes reinforced by an outer frame that surrounds it. For more information about this modular bookcase furniture and library interior design ideas visit this site.

    modern modular library
    modern modular library

  2. Modern Backyard Home Design Contemporary Roof Decks by SHED Architects

    November 11, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern bedroom backyard house design

    Beautiful home design and decorating named modern backyard house design with contemporary roof deck. Good home design ideas inspiration for us to create our dream house that suite to our personality. This house design use clever storage space through overlooking Elliott Bay and downtown Seattle. Imaginative, unique and innovative contemporary finishes by purposefully located glass walls decorating which take the outdoors home in whereas keeping a feel of privacy and shelter. The combination of orange and brown color schemes in the interior and exterior can create house design seems very elegant, relaxed, warm and comfortable. The house interior design is a combine of wooden walls and cabinets, marble exterior and additional best equipment. Backyard and roof decks are the great places with overwhelming views of downtown and Elliott Bay. The home is Built Green qualified through the environment and a sense of community in mind. Here it is best sample modern backyard house design photos contemporary roof deck architects by SHED. [Via]

    outdoor living room backyard home

    modern living room backyard house design

    modern exterior backyard house design

    modern backyard house design by shed

    master bedroom backyard house design

    kitchen interior backyard house design

    garden backyard home design

    contemporry backyard house design

    bathroom backyard house design