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  1. Home Offices Facebook Studio Design

    September 26, 2009 by newhouseofart

    office room studio facebook design

    Do you know facebook? Every people in the world love But, do you ever imagine how the decoration home office studio designs  facebook. This is some pictures of ultra modern and innovative office design of  If you look at the home office studio design photos, the spaces are changing. This is because each of the previously separate departments would maintain some of its essence in the new building, creating a kind of neighborhoods. Company executives are at the center of the building, accessible to all employees. Large open space living and create situations of contact between employees. The coffee and the kitchen are important sites within the project and mini kitchens located along this with snacks and drinks.

    innovative facebook office room

    facebook work office interior

    facebook office room design

    facebook modern office interior design

    facebook living room interior

    facebook coffee room design

    Finally, the design seeks to maintain this mixture of a semi-industrial environment with informal and spontaneous situations that arise within a young and creative team. Unpainted walls and unfinished spaces become spaces that employees will take over and making it even more like the place.