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  1. Modern Muston Street House Design Private Living Space Sydney Australia

    September 27, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern house design sydney australia exterior  light

    Modern and luxury house design in Sydney Australia designed by Fox Johnston Architects. The best private living space designs for people who need dream home to live. The Muston Street Minimalist House Design as a complete is designed to make private living spaces left from the road through a central spotlight on the outdoor living spaces. The slim width and direction of the building maximizes cross ventilation and sunlight filtration right through every room. An extended outdoor pool design boundaries this form and transects the construction with the entrance hall space, forming a small-minded swimming pool in the entrance square.

    ultra modern house design sydney australia living room glass

    private swimming pool modern minimalist design

    private living room in modern house design sydney australia

    modern house design sydney-australia side pool outdoor

    Modern House-Design Sydney Australia Fox Johnston Architects