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  1. Prefabricated Luxury Wooden Home Interior Design

    February 18, 2011 by newhouseofart

    modern prefab home design concept

    The futuristic and eco-friendly house architecture design by famous Italian architect called Roberto Semprini has contemporary concept. The best consideration about interior and furniture selection is the important way to create luxury atmosphere of this prefabricated wooden home idea. Approximately all medium of art deco together with architecture, room interior design, industrial design, and wall covering graphic design, cool theater, literature, films and fashions were influenced through the phenomenon named futurism. The agile and dynamic house architectural layout planned utilizing newest technology, maintenance in mind harmony, balance and gorgeousness. If you take a look at detail pictures gallery of contemporary prefab wooden house shown below, you able to know that these a sophisticated and futurist house plan is truly wonderful.

    prefab home futuristic architecture design

    Prefab houses are assembled from off-the-shelf usual modules built from high quality sustainable green technology, as in eco-friendly, architecture material. This luxurious wooden prefab residence is built using extraordinarily limited room and materials. Normally, a timber home provides a feeling of a rustic cottage interior. As an alternative of straight edges, curved shapes are applied to furnishings and staircase. Angular shape building of the home makes contrast through the curved minimalist furniture design. Glass windows in the roof let natural light inside. The home interior is one of the look such as a work of art. White color scheme is used for the living room chairs; whereas dining room chairs are have black color. White chairs in living area look as if they are winged chairs. White innovative spiral staircase blend especially well with living room decor. Life can never be dull or boring in this ultra modern house interior.

    luxury prefab home interior decorating ideas

    wooden prefab home exterior design

    prefab minimalist house kitchen dining room design

    prefab home spiral staircase design

    So, what do you think about this home idea? Leave me your opinion here by fill the comment form. Thanks

  2. Ultra Modern Switch Restaurant Arabic Interior Design

    October 5, 2009 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern arabic interior design

    Most excellent and futuristic restaurant interior design located in Dubai, UAE by Karim Rashid called Arabic Switch Restaurant with ultra modern and luxury design. This is new innovation idea for modern and minimalist interior design for a restaurant. Why it is called “Switch”? Because the interior of restaurant wall paint color may be change automatically and continuously, from time to time it colorized in violet, yellow, green even blue. The designer want switch to be a physically powerful, regular vision collected of a permanent, rolling wall that wraps approximately the room. The restaurant interior design makes an attractive texture for light and shadow, suggesting the sand dunes in the desert. It is an exclusive environment of regularity and steadiness that totally encloses the guests. Each experience is calm of smells, views, tastes and sounds; here, the mind makes personality backgrounds for a really astounding worldwide dining experience. The backlit ceiling artwork consists of stylized inspiring Arabic expressions. The incessant wave seating offers a special efficient and lively working scheme. Here is the best photos of restaurant interior design from Ultra Modern Switch Restaurant Arabic Interior Design.

    modern innovation arrabic restaurant interior design

    switch restauran ultra modern design

    modern arabic restaurant interior design

    luxury arabic restaurant design

    arabic interior design innovation