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  1. Ultra Modern Tower: “Meier on Rothschild” Israel

    March 13, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Wonderful Tower Facade Design

    Amazing and brilliant architecture design idea! This ultra modern tower called “Meier on Rothschild” is a wonderful project that is a mixed-use suburban, retail and office facility which can be found in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel planned by famous American architect named Richard Meier. I am very interesting with this tower because it’s have great and strong structure. The fundamental building considerations which is the innovative shape the tower schemes are using the high-quality of light interacting through the plan, its stunning views to the ocean, and its  relationships with the existing fabric of Rothschild boulevard.

    Wonderful Tower Transparent Glass Exterior

    The Meier on Rothschild tower foundation will contain a modern lobby, retail space and comfortable lounge with spa on the second floor. In the meantime, a small open plaza in front of the tower will let consumers to simply access the shaded area of the Rothschild Boulevard. The creative retail arrangement is planned to regenerate the vitality missing from its unusual construction design. The passage will have prominent entrances which serves both Allenby and Yavne Street. The Yavne street entrance design will also accommodate the entrance to the five thousand square meter office structure above. This great mixture of the tower and lower commercial building design will give to the continuing economic growth of Tel Aviv city. We get some pictures gallery about tower facade and other element shown on this pictures gallery:

    Amazing Tower Architecture Design