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  1. Unique Minimalist Diamond House Design Santa Monica – California

    May 6, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern minimalist diamond house design

    How about this modern Diamond House design ideas? We think this is most creative and unique home architecture design. Located in Santa Monica, California USA, we want to let you know more details about this decorative and minimalist house architectural project plan. Designed by XTEN Architects this diamond house is a home extension as a patterned and perforated lantern illuminating a California canyon.  This modern Diamond house has minimalist interior design and located against a sloping hillside, by means of minimal access and little space upon which to construct. Because of the difficult Geo-technical conditions of the spot, Diamond Housed required nine meters caissons to underpin new innovative walls and foundations.

    modern outdoor stair diamond house

    A house design complex web of regulations governed the height, width, depth and specific relationship to the retaining wall decor wanted to build the home construction. Given these constraints, a multifaceted architectural plan was urbanized for the small house structure. Primary, a residential base building geometry was industrial to conform to the hillside and required codes while optimizing the interior design rooms with extending them into adjacent side yards. The construction home geometry also conforms to the interior decorating plan as a series of wall planes fold up and over the building to make a rooftop railing and enclosure.

    outdoor creative decorating diamond house idea

    The Diamond House exterior design facade pattern was made from natural elements taken from the canyon site. The10mm thick Swiss pearl fiber cement panels display on the final building were chosen for both the way they relate to the masonry site walls and unique structure, and for the fragility they impart to the otherwise hard-edged geometry of the structure. Here is it best sample unique creative Diamond House modern minimalist style pictures gallery. For more information about this house project plan, visit the designer site. -via-

    lounge chair modern style diamond house

    diamond house facade exterior design