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  1. Comfortable Oven Lounge Handmade Furniture

    January 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    oven lounge reading book room furniture

    If you think that this is a kind of contemporary oven that usually placed in your kitchen? You are wrog guys! If you are take a look at this pictures gallery display below, this is unique lounge furniture design is one of creative idea by students from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP design school. Nice and comfortable lounge design which is can be transformable to suit with your room. It accommodates a one person and is perfect to watch TV in your living room otherwise read the book in your library room. When closed the side drawer hides custom made cushions with cinnamon swirl pattern. Unluckily the only obtainable handmade oven lounge furniture was sold from Etsy lately, but who stops you to get this idea and make your own unique lounge chair?

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