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  1. Clad Wood Cutler Residence Vacation Home Design by Murdock Young Architects

    December 10, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Wooden Clad Home Design - Cutler Residence

    A contemporary beach house year round vacation home named The Cutler Residence is designed by Murdock Young Architects with a modern minimalist impact on the pristine stunning landscape architectures. This luxury residence design features spectacular beautiful natural views of ocean surroundings which are very calm, comfortable and relaxing. The house yard features a large outdoor swimming pool, so home owners could come back from a vacation with an ideal tan. The Cutler Residence shape of the residence and its room interior decorating create it look modern and clean. The vacation house’s exterior is clad in textured wood panels and consists of a lot of large windows. It is perched on a bluff overlooking Block Island Sound so these views mostly feature waters of the Atlantic Ocean and woods. Check this design pictures gallery. Murdock Young Architects

    Wonderful Natural House - Cutler Residence

    Unique Shape House Facade - Cutler Residence

    Traditional Chair Sofa Funriture - Cutler Residence

    Stunning Exterior Design - Cutler Residence

    Modern Outdoor Swimming Pool - Cutler Residence

    Modern Kitchen Island Decor - Cutler Residence

    Innovative Home Vacation Architecrture - Cutler Residence

    Glass Exterior Design Architectural - Cutler Residence

    Elegant Master Bedroom - Cutler Residence

    Craetive House Gate Design - Cutler Residence

    Contemporary Dining Room - Cutler Residence

    Comfortable Bedroom Interior - Cutler Residence

    Clean Minimalist Bathroom - Cutler Residence

    Amazing House Ocen Views - Cutler Residence