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  1. Elegant Peninsula Vacation Home by Bercy Chen Studio

    July 13, 2011 by newhouseofart

    traditional dark mahogany kitchen in lakehouse

    I am absolutely interesting to talk in here about the spectacular and amazing architecture design of Peninsula House which is located on Lake Austin. Theis is kind of contemporary and traditional vacation home designed by famous architect Bercy Chen Studio. Personally, I love every room interior design available in this home and really attractive with spectacular natural surrounding views that consist of the most excellent of both worlds which is the elegant of a traditional lake house through the relaxing powers of modern design idea. For the further information, this original house was built in the 1980?s and to Bercy Chen Studio’s dissatisfaction, did not get benefit of the stunning lake views presently feet away from the home! That is why large innovative glass window designs, spanning from the ceiling to the floor, were installed approximately the whole residence to allocate as much of the gorgeous view in as probable. The earlier home also did not admiration otherwise pay too much mentality to the nature around it, other than Bercy Chen made certain to transform every part of that with their creative remodel plan!

    You are able to watch this two short of video taken from Vimeo, to know more about the architecture and design idea.

    So what do you think about this Peninsula House after look at that videos?

    The Peninsula Home has roof that begins to soften at the top right hand corner, this element of the top is created from unique material such as slatted wood, and homes the glass chimney. It was decisively planned this way to further connect the residence to the usual world approximately it. There is also modern swimming pool practically surrounds the entire home, therefore the name “Peninsula House”. The extroverted glass doors able to be slid open and one can exactly walk out from the comfortable living room and into the peaceful and fresh pool for a fast, refreshing plunge. You will see (in this sample pictures gallery) a glass paneled walls enclose the entire home. A glass balcony was installed into the roof. The customary gabbers and gable roof were transformed to look extra conceptual.

    modern living room with lake view

    modern lakehouse with pool and lawn

    modern dining area lakehouse

    modern and green balcony with lake view

    lakehouse nearly surrounded by water and lake

    lakehouse kitchen and breakfast area

    lakehouse illusion glass walls and pool

    gorgeous bathroom of lakehouse

    jagged and red reading room

    exterior view of lakehouse with glass walls

    elegant lakehouse living room

    awesome interior peninsula house

    amazing lakehouse and grounds

  2. Luxury Portuguese Vacation Home by Pedro Reis

    June 6, 2011 by newhouseofart

    small footprint to outdoors

    The house design is very luxury and surround by beautiful natural views. The dream home designed by Pedro Reis can be found in Portuguese. This kind of modern vacation house came regarding because a consequence of a home architecture design competition between 3 offices. The interesting idea about cool pool design, reminiscent of the work of architect Louis Barragan able to makes a home interior scheme of enjoying the outdoors.

    In this dwelling you will also found design of subtle two-story centers around the contemporary kitchen, in harmony through the trend all over the West. Its plan is separated into 2, intersecting rooms: half is kept for service areas and private spaces; the additional room is for more social spaces. The bottom form seems to reproduce the usual context. Its prefab structure is laid within the ground, juxtaposed with the first story that was planned to appear to levitate on top of the soil. It takes skill to allow architecture to encapsulate exterior art deco.

    Shattered interior and exterior

    outdoor enjoyment space

    open luxury house architecture

    modern open house layout

    graph topographical context design

    graph house elevational context

    glass room with e-glazed windows

    fluid relation between masses

    dimensional blur outdoor space

    corridor eschews warren of rooms

    beautiful framing nature view

    artistic house exterior design

  3. Clad Wood Cutler Residence Vacation Home Design by Murdock Young Architects

    December 10, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Wooden Clad Home Design - Cutler Residence

    A contemporary beach house year round vacation home named The Cutler Residence is designed by Murdock Young Architects with a modern minimalist impact on the pristine stunning landscape architectures. This luxury residence design features spectacular beautiful natural views of ocean surroundings which are very calm, comfortable and relaxing. The house yard features a large outdoor swimming pool, so home owners could come back from a vacation with an ideal tan. The Cutler Residence shape of the residence and its room interior decorating create it look modern and clean. The vacation house’s exterior is clad in textured wood panels and consists of a lot of large windows. It is perched on a bluff overlooking Block Island Sound so these views mostly feature waters of the Atlantic Ocean and woods. Check this design pictures gallery. Murdock Young Architects

    Wonderful Natural House - Cutler Residence

    Unique Shape House Facade - Cutler Residence

    Traditional Chair Sofa Funriture - Cutler Residence

    Stunning Exterior Design - Cutler Residence

    Modern Outdoor Swimming Pool - Cutler Residence

    Modern Kitchen Island Decor - Cutler Residence

    Innovative Home Vacation Architecrture - Cutler Residence

    Glass Exterior Design Architectural - Cutler Residence

    Elegant Master Bedroom - Cutler Residence

    Craetive House Gate Design - Cutler Residence

    Contemporary Dining Room - Cutler Residence

    Comfortable Bedroom Interior - Cutler Residence

    Clean Minimalist Bathroom - Cutler Residence

    Amazing House Ocen Views - Cutler Residence