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  1. Ultra Modern Vertical Village Design Innovation from Graft Lab

    November 4, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern vertical village design

    The architectural building ideas of vertical village design have an innovative and ultra modern design concept.  The architects at Graft Lab (also dependable for the exclusive and delicate Bird Island) must have been captivating high-quality explanation in their LEED classes since the Vertical Village integrates with the mainly fundamental mantras of energy efficiency in hot climates: plummeting solar gain and optimizing solar production. Every hockey stick shaped construction inside the village is self shading on its north face and on the east west alliance to decrease long angle sun diffusion. A substantial bed of solar antennas lies at the south end of the multifaceted and has the capability to repeatedly place itself near the sun to optimize solar energy aggregation. Sideways from its energy harvesting skin texture, the Vertical Village is moreover reasonably breathtaking to observe. Here it is the best sample ultra modern vertical village design innovation from Graft lab photos for your own architectures design inspiration. [Via]

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