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  1. Italian Wooden Villa Hunting Fan by Vsevolod Sosenkin

    March 3, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Unusual Wooden Villa Architecture Design

    Contemporary Italian wooden villa architecture design style can be found near Moscow, Russia. Unusual villa designed by Vsevolod Sosenkin and its named hunter’s place by the interior designer. The villa of hunting fan created with best combination a style of a luxury Italian villa by chalet approach and the architect managed to do that in a very innovative way. The modern fireplace furniture is decorated with gorgeous ornaments reminding of Renaissance. The villa living room is also decorated through some moose’s heads and there is a bear’s skin on the floor as hunting is the hobby of the head of the family. The view from every one of the windows is fantastic and the swimming pool seems like it merges with the surrounding nature. The comfortable villa bedroom is decorated in the style of Provence, France. Thanks to that remarkable design the villa has its own face and will impress every guest. To me it’s such as classic and traditional house living. via

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