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  1. Modern Cedar House Cozy Creamy Interior Design New York

    May 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    contemporary cedar house design

    Cozy, airy and warmth interior design atmosphere in this modern contemporary cedar house architecture is perfectly combine with strict outside exterior decorating ideas. This brown or Saide Residence in Sagaponack, located in Sagaponack, New York, USA is designed by BNOdesign. Detail design and decorating ideas presented on this best sample luxury cedar house indoor and outdoor pictures gallery shown below. The house building structure use 6,700 square foot, one wing homes the sprawling master suite. The other wing encompasses the comfortable dining room and service rooms, followed by the sunroom, which functions as a quasi modern pool house. The entire house interior decorating architectural is done in very light creamy and white color theme. So, it does can be simple to create an elegant, cute, and luxurious with such as color selection. While the home furniture design is so carefully selected which the house will survive every party. A lot of it is upholstered with leather while other surfaces like minimalist kitchen cabinets are created of durable materials. The owners of the home might forget about every one of problems inside the residence and the creamy theme only helps that. For more information, check this out architecture designer website company. -via-

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