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  1. 12 Generous Wood Accents Interior Idea

    June 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wooden walls and bookshelf design

    All the wooden room interior design inspiration below is designed by Marc Canut. Creative house ideas with generous wood accents are what characterize this meticulous series and here, the designer display to us how versatile and stunning wood able to be. Who knew wooden interior themed was like this minimalist, yet naturally beautiful accent in every room of your house? Many people already know that wood has always been one of our mainly oft used materials both in interior decorating space and architecture design. Because of it is not only priceless for its durability, but in addition for its versatility. And it knows how to entirely make over a room while used in the right way.

    wooden rustic kitchen space

    wooden furniture bedroom with stunning beach view

    Usually, wooden interior design would be fairly a task to gel in timber walls through white interior color schemes. Other than someway the whole thing just works in this idea. A contemporary wooden floor and wooden stand-in shower, harmonize the egg-shaped tub furniture and 4 leaf clover wall art of this nature-inspired simple bathroom decor. It’s actually wood able to creates the dining room look elegant, slightly rustic and modern, yet concurrently sleek and polished. It is sophisticated, however practical enough for the small or large kitchen.  Yes, wood adds a small piece of an edge to a retro-futuristic living room style and hallway designs.

    wood floors and accents modern house

    wood dining table furniture

    white color wood dining room

    white bedroom wood floors and view

    natural bathroom wooden floor

    minimalist bedroom wooden floor plan

    design retro furniture wood accents

    contemporary wood closets and stairs

    comfortable wood dining room interior