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Homey Small Polish Apartment Design

August 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

red white polish apartment interior color

The new apartment architecture design today inspiration come from the cute and cozy small polish apartment designed by mode:lina which is located in Poznan, Poland. The famous Polish architecture company which was inspired to makes a beautiful and homey apartment house for guests visiting the city for the Poznan International Fair.

polish apartment simple bedroom

polish apartment living area design

Consequently, they ended up with a modern little apartment design which mixes elements reminiscent of the accommodating plan fixtures of a luxury hotel and the comfortable surroundings of someone’s definite dwelling. The apartment designers as well presented themselves an extra challenge to use affordable, expendable furniture. They turned to IKEA furniture that added to the simple, minimalist character of the apartment interior.

polish apartment good bedroom design

modern polish apartment bathroom

minimalist polish apartment balcony

luxury polish apartment bathroom interior

little polish apartment kitchen idea

lavish polish apartment living room furniture

funy polish apartment bedroom with quote on wall

elegant polish apartment kitchen interior

cozy polish apartment kitchen space

contemporary polish apartment hall decor

black white polish apartment designs

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