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Luxury Apartment from Basketball Court

July 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

basketball court room architecture

What a wonderful and fantastic apartment design created by theApt. I am very surprised that this home apartment was a renovation from basketball court. The luxury apartment is using about 7,000 sqf and there is available larger living room and five bedrooms. In this article, I want to let you know that this is the first time YMCA in the United States got a face-lift. The design effect is a behemoth sized, simple, but have colorfully ornamented house, which still retains various of the essentials of a basketball court like as the court floors of the sleeping rooms and walk-in closet, a minimalist and clean bathroom lined with small, white tiles color schemes, and a modern kitchen so large it might seat and feed 2 otherwise more basketball teams.

basketball court apartment stair design

amazing basketball court apartment design

In this post, we called that building as “The Apartment” because it was designed by theApt. “The Apartment” group developed on the whole thing from the interior, exterior, architecture to the decoration, and also furnishings. The innovative structure design systems were useful and even an internal home garden was built.  The designer liked to keep a little of fundamentals of the old basketball court, and so determined to stay the basketball court flooring in the private spaces of the residence, like as the comfortable bedroom. The house wallpaper was even planned by “The Apartment” group themselves.  There is also available a twelve person ultramodern home theater was installed.  And you can found 30-foot long kitchen was planned and built by “The Apartment” company.

ultra modern home theatre basketball court apartment

Ahead its comprehension, the creative basketball house was the setting for a variety of television shows, movies, and pictures-shoots, as well as “Ugly Betty” and the film, “Music and Lyrics.” The designers reflected on the completed development with stating that they “…Got the whole thing we constantly required to seek on customer projects and never could. It was a plan lab of sorts.”

simple basketball court apartment decoration

modern basketball court apartment

minimalist basketball court apartment bathroom

lighting decor basketball court apartment

kitchen space basketball court apartment

green color schemes basketball court apartment

deluxe basketball court apartment interior

contemporary basketball court apartment

comfortable basketball court apartment bedroom

colorful basketball court apartment interior

clean basketball court apartment furniture

Photos gallery shown in here is taken from The Behance Network.

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