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Luxury Leonard Residence Architecture Design, Ehrlich Architects

January 16, 2011 by newhouseofart

Amazing Leonard Residence Architectural Photos

One of the most contemporary luxury house residence architecture design located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, there is 4,000-square-foot residence named “Leonard Residence” is positioned on a 45 degree angle downward sloping canyon place. From the main house public level architectural, one descends an outdoor innovative stair anchored to a cast in place modern concrete wall idea to the home lower level architectures which houses a comfortable home office, guest quarters and storage space. Embracing a contemporary entry courtyard, the Leonard house residence structure is a composition of huge areas in glass supported with steel and concrete, tracing its lineage to the case study luxurious home designs of LA. A innovative two-story living room interior is suspended over the canyon on a structured concrete slab that also serves as the finished floor. From this level, a floating tread stair ascends to the master bedroom/bath suite and a floating reading loft affords classic LA views through the 20-foot high glass walls.

Wooden Dining Table Chair Furniture - Leonard Residence

Leonard Residence access to a roof terrace over the car garage fosters sunbathing and relaxation. The hillside-bound site existing the most obvious challenge as well as chance for decorating deluxe home design. The house door entrance level is greeted by a permanently-installed corten steel and glass modern dining table material planned by the Ehrlich Architect. To achieve the vision objectives, the residence is spliced into multiple levels to accommodate and embrace the steep slope yet create the mainly of all useable room, practically panoramic views and augment privacy from the closely adjacent homes. Each level fluidly caters to specific living, working and relaxation needs of the residents, allowing for utmost efficiency and comfort. More information visit website.

Wall Glass House Facade - Leonard Residence

Outdoor Stair Innovative Design - Leonard Residence

Modern Wood Bathroom Decor - Leonard Residence

Modern Entry Courtyard - Leonard Residence

Minimalist Elegant Leonard Residence Interior

Living Room Under Stair Idea - Leonard Residence

House Entry Door Design - Leonard Residence

Dining Room Second House Level Design - Leonard Residence

Contemporary Architecture Leonard Residence

Comfortable Open Living Room - Leonard Residence

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