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Luxury Portuguese Vacation Home by Pedro Reis

June 6, 2011 by newhouseofart

small footprint to outdoors

The house design is very luxury and surround by beautiful natural views. The dream home designed by Pedro Reis can be found in Portuguese. This kind of modern vacation house came regarding because a consequence of a home architecture design competition between 3 offices. The interesting idea about cool pool design, reminiscent of the work of architect Louis Barragan able to makes a home interior scheme of enjoying the outdoors.

In this dwelling you will also found design of subtle two-story centers around the contemporary kitchen, in harmony through the trend all over the West. Its plan is separated into 2, intersecting rooms: half is kept for service areas and private spaces; the additional room is for more social spaces. The bottom form seems to reproduce the usual context. Its prefab structure is laid within the ground, juxtaposed with the first story that was planned to appear to levitate on top of the soil. It takes skill to allow architecture to encapsulate exterior art deco.

Shattered interior and exterior

outdoor enjoyment space

open luxury house architecture

modern open house layout

graph topographical context design

graph house elevational context

glass room with e-glazed windows

fluid relation between masses

dimensional blur outdoor space

corridor eschews warren of rooms

beautiful framing nature view

artistic house exterior design

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