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Luxury Shower Drain Stylish Bathroom Furniture Artistic Design

November 12, 2010 by newhouseofart

Artistic Shower Drain Furniture

What an amazing and unique bathroom accessories design ideas presented by Designer Drains. Luxury drain furniture design that is must add in your bathroom interior decorating to give comfortable and elegant atmosphere. These stylish modern shower drains from Designer Drains has artistic aesthetic style create this often-overlooked component a factual feature point. These circular shower drain covers are such as lavish jewelry for your bathroom, featuring exclusive patterns which range from contemporary to geometric to ornate. But there is more to these decorative covers than meets the eye. No plastic material otherwise PVC is used in manufacturing, done in the United State of America (USA). Coordinate the finish through your bathroom faucets and hardware for a unified appearance. These eco-friendly shower drains are created from reclaimed .060-inch thick 304 Stainless Steel and their slogan, “Assisting the environment, one shower at a time”. Do you want to buy this luxurious bathroom shower furniture? visit Designer Drains

Modern Shower Drain Stylish Design

Contemporary Shower Drain Design

Cool Shower Drain Bathroom Ideas

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