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Luxury Vitrahaus Design Ideas – Big Modern Homes Architecture

February 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

modern exterior architectural vitrahause design

Fantastic and amazing house building design presented the big and large home architecture project of Vitrahaus. I am never imagining about this crazy but smart ideas to build overlapped, 12 houses, one over another. Absolutely perfect modern and contemporary large house interior and exterior decorating designed by Herzog e De Meuron. This luxury house architectural is located at the Weil Am Rhein, between Germany and Switzerland, will be newest architectural construction addition at the Vitra Campus complex, that is previously features buildings by Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid and Tadao Ando, among others. The large home living design is a piece of art decoration, built with concrete walls materials and big windows, allowing you to have an wonderful view from the campus during the day, attractive big “store windows” at nighttime, viewing the pieces inside of it. In the indoor interior decorating of the Vitrahaus the architecture designer achieve success on their assignment to treat the simplicity and minimalism to get even more value to the colors schemes and shapes to every chair furniture, each luxury sofa, every Vitra mobil. To be honest, the designs are complementary, and the guests eyes are delighted by both architecture and the furniture showroom. Here it is contemporary Vitrahaus pictures gallery. -via-

modern living room interior vitrahause design

luxury staircase vitrahause design

contemporary interior decor vitrahause design

contemporary interior architectural vitrahause design

amazing view vitrahause architectures

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