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Luxury Watergate House Apartment Washington DC

February 21, 2011 by newhouseofart

Minimalist White Bathroom Watergate Apartment Interior Layout

These modern house apartment ideas series is about how to display gorgeous and luxury design style of living space architecture also decorating layout inspiration. Watergate Apartment is a wonderful for its interior design, sophistication, elegance concept otherwise minimalist because they are looks very beautiful. The building project by Robert Gurney Architect, a famous company with a recognized portfolio which has over 150 architectural plan awards, this Watergate houses is really a complex located in Washington DC – United States of America (USA) which consists of 5 amazing buildings overlooking the stunning view of Potomac River. Designed by Italian architect named Luigi Moretti, the Watergate home is considered one of Washington’s most desirable addresses. This 1,250 square foot unit is situated on the fourteenth floor and was never previously renovated. This place is perfectly modern, clean and super striking, definitely another great dream house place to live in.

Watergate Apartment Wine Bottle Storage Space

The Watergate interior design was gutted to essential structure and plumbing, electrical and mechanical infrastructure. Planar walls and cabinetry elements combine through simple and translucent glass to further organize and define rooms. An extended material palette is planned to be subtle and refined. White terrazzo flooring color schemes becomes the stage for Walnut wall paneling, white ash millwork, luminous glass walls, integral charcoal plaster, aluminum and black concrete architectures material. Strips of stainless steel are inset into the white terrazzo to reinforce established geometries and floating ceiling planes. Forms and textures serve to both unify and diversify spatial qualities.

Watergate Apartment Floor Plan Design Sketch

Watergate Apartment Complex House Interior

Watergate Apartment Architectures Plan

Translucent Glass Bathroom Watergate Apartment Decor

Spacious Living Room Watergate Apartment

Opulence Bedroom Watergate Apartment Interior

Modern Kitchen Watergate Apartment Design

Minimalist Loft Watergate Apartment Design

Home Office Modern Watergate Apartment

Flooring Plan Ideas Watergate Apartment

Elegant Dining Area Watergate Apartment

Cool Watergate Apartment Furniture Design Idea

Contemporary Dining Room Watergate Apartment

Comfortable Master Bedroom Watergate Apartment

Images by Maxwell MacKenzie Architectural Photographer.

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