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Minimalist Duplex Penthouse Modern Interior Design Plan

January 19, 2011 by newhouseofart

penthouse ultra luxury living room design

A modern minimalist penthouse interior decorating ideas with stunning design style is very impressed and look comfortable, but its penthouse architectural design structure and luxury penthouse within a suitable furniture selection. This gorgeous penthouse interior has a diagonal angle position with spectacular beautiful natural panorama of downtown San Francisco. This penthouse architecture plan vision is part of the group is lost in conventional opening sash was painted gray and blue. This opening combined with the visual horizon is really good. There are two areas duplex penthouse innovative design. One in the dark black color schemes, covered with natural materials walnut panels and seats upholstered in blue mohair define the entrance, contemporary indoor stairs and second floor of the pool or an area outside the guest room. A bright, illuminated lighting interior by windows, double angle defines the life of high media room and small kitchen, also dining room on the first floor and second floor master bedroom elegant design suite.

amazing penthouse living room minimalist kitchen interior

modern white penthouse bedroom design

indoor pool room interior ideas

contemporary kitchen penthouse interior decorating

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