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Minimalist Girls Bedroom Interior Design Idea by Pm4

May 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

White Luxury Girls Bedroom Interior

This is can be great for your daughter bedroom interior design idea. This modern luxury girl’s bedroom decorating themes by Pm4 can be perfect for teen room interior too. Beautiful and comfortable bedroom make most refine and chic room. The famous Italian company Pm4 has presented on this creative and various option luxury girls bedroom.  Every one of them is made in fashionable style, and art deco, that looks charming, cute and in the same time pretty contemporary. Black and white bedroom color schemes are the manly modern variant among them. Each and every one main bedroom elements like luxurious bed, minimalist table furniture, modern wardrobe and even rug are white. Contrasting black home accessories add extraordinarily trendy touch to this girl’s room design. Other bedroom designs have more traditional design but don’t look worst. These gentle room interiors through gold finishes are completely fit for little princesses. Lovely curves and cushions wonderfully decorate them and good quality harmonizes with their lacquered contemporary wooden furniture. Here is it best sample minimalist girls bedroom décor layout pictures gallery for inspiration to remodel your master bedroom.

Minimalist Girls Bedroom Interior Layout

Luxury Cozy Girls Bedroom Decor

Lavish Girls Bedroom Decor Pictures

Creative Girls Bedroom Luxury Design

Contemporary Girls Bedroom Interior

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