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Minimalist Multifunctional Washstand Furniture Design

September 5, 2010 by newhouseofart

Creative Multifunctional Washstand Furniture

Jannis Ellenberger designed this unusual modern washstand home furniture which especially simple and minimalist style but multifunctional and thoughtful. It is also a part of Private Space Furniture design ideas collection and washstand incorporates a sink, two-level counter top, a creative towel rack, and holders for brushes. Such washstand is not only excellent to place in a clean bathroom interior but also would be a good solution for a summer modern kitchen otherwise some other place where you want to wash your hands but have not much of areas. Its contemporary furniture design is also mix several styles including modern and Scandinavian. The washstand’s top is finished of a quite unique material called Hi-macs. It sits on a wooden frame made of ash. This is washstand furniture product catalog pictures gallery. More information visit:

Modern Multifunctional Washstand Design

Innovative Multifunctional Washstand Bathroom

Clean Simple Multifunctional Washstand Ideas

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