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Minimalist White-Beige Bright Interior Decor French Furniture Design

July 7, 2010 by newhouseofart

white beighe modern interior design

Minimalist white-beige interior design modern bright style is done in simple color theme which looks beautiful light and airy. White walls decor and white painted color schemes floorboards highlight beauties of classic distressed contemporary French furniture with beige colored elements. This spacious loft space interior design pictures gallery in SE London is designed to be used as photo shooting location. This open photo shooting location of 2,000 square foot could be booked through Airspaces. The space features 24 foot ceiling and 12 foot windows which take a large amount of daylight in the interior. Even though it isn’t always possible to make such luxury interior in real life its airy design is a great example of what you could achieve with using of similar color theme. Do you like these house interior architectural ideas? What do you think? via

minimalist loft white paint wall decor

luxury french interior minimalist design

contemporary french sofa design

comfortable brigth living space decor

clean interior french furniture style

beautiful modern french home furniture

airy living room white beighe style

airy kitchen white beighe design

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