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Modern Artistic Floral Floorings Design Transparent House

December 23, 2009 by newhouseofart

floral flooring concrete house decor

The floor design in your home takes important thing of your personality and choice. The impact a great designer floor could have on somebody is far more than any other furniture set in your house. These are some sample modern and artistic floral flooring design pictures taken from Transparent House that can be your home floor plan design ideas. Located in US, San Francisco, the floral flooring from this modern house is a big and has artistic decoration. Consist of hard wearing polish that created of concrete. They have floor floral designs carved on the concrete. The design is very useful because it can be use a substitute for end to end carpets. Visit Transparent House website, to know more about this beautiful floral flooring design ideas.

artistic floral flooring design
artistic floral flooring design

modern flooring concrete floral
modern flooring concrete floral

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