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Modern Country House Dark Color Interior Design

February 19, 2011 by newhouseofart

black white country house interior decorating

Anna Belyaevskaya designed this modern country house interior which can be found in a suburb of St. Petersburg, Russia. This home ideas is unusual and extraordinary comfortable house living. Simple but contemporary country house with innovative shape architectures design and consist of 2 equal volumes that are dislodged horizontally and vertically. The country home interior decorating is perfectly considerate so there are 6 rooms, a large elegant living room layout with the small kitchen, 3 WCs, 2 large cloak-rooms and a cool house basement on 260 square meters. The hall interior and corridor designs were excluded so correctly after the entrance one will obtain into the spacious living room ideas united through the kitchen and the dining room. Every one of house facades and exterior are completed in dark color schemes but the roof is tiles white.

unusually shaped house unusual interior

There is a unique house balcony that is 3 meters higher than the zero level. From outer surface it possibly will seem that the residence has only 2 floors, but actually it has 5 levels. These modern country home interior is brightly hard and laconic. The key colors are white, dark-brown and orange, so it looks so colorful but have calm and cozy atmosphere. White glazed surfaces of the stretched ceiling and tiled floor visually make bigger the room and put together lightness and immensity. One house wall in the living room is decorated through a high-quality print of Gulf of Finland. One more wonderful feature of these country home interior is an indoor staircase leading to upper floors. It is created from concrete and tiles material with the same white ceramic tiles as the first floor of the home. Overall of the house looks classic and traditional but have modern concept too. Leave us your comment and tell us your opinion here. lui

minimalist country house interior layouts

luxury mirror bathroom country house design

large living room country house interior

elegant master bedroom country house

cool staircase country house architecture

contemporary country house entrance design

comfortable family room country house idea

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