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Modern House Design – Carrillo House Rossi (Mar del Plata)

August 1, 2009 by newhouseofart

modern house design from outside view

The modern house design project idea is to make a house whose patterns are related to simplicity and a strong contemporary language. Was based on rationalist projects: basic colors, lines, volumes, cigars, flat roofs, etc. It also sought to link the public with the outside environment, permeability sides by large glass panels and with the addition of patios, terraces and expansions. The organization of the work is linear comb, and that a horizontal movement to access the various areas served.

modern house design (3)

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The spaces were designed with modern concepts. This is a type of housing four bedrooms, one toilet, two bathrooms (one en suite) and laundry room located on first floor. The ground floor consists of garage, kitchen, dining room, toilet, and with household growth.

modern house design - Bathroom

With regard to the structural characteristics, we could mention:

  • Slabs H º A º.
  • Ceramic-bearing brick walls, 18.
  • Repeal thick plastic paint Revear Alba.
  • Aluminum white, aluminum and imitation wood with natural DVH, Dobutti.
  • Heating.
  • Floors and coatings porcelain, porcelain and floating floors.

More Picture for this modern house design :

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