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Modern House Design – The Shelter of Wood for Better Environment

August 2, 2009 by newhouseofart

The modern house design constructive idea of our project stems from the economic and social situation of our city. The River Plate has a great housing shortage because of the enormous gap between wages and the value of the building. To meet this need modular housing construction serial factory.

modern house design for better environtment (4)

The morphology of the house comes with the idea of creating affordable housing, flexible, constantly changing and yet respectful of the environment, and not understanding the home as a machine but a living machine to generate habitat. The idea is to create affordable housing evolves constantly either increasing or decreasing, adapted to the needs of each family, following the cycle of life.

The strategy to generate different responses to different climatic conditions of the terrain. The compact design of the house helps to have less heat loss through the envelope. To the southwest lie the strip that serves as a bellows between the less favorable climatic conditions and housing.

To the northeast is a treatment on the walls composed of passive solar systems that are used to harness the energy environment. The use of flat roofs (low slope) gives us a chance to grow vertically to avoid negative impact on the ground. The rationale for the proposal and the construction system used enable housing modules are adapted to varying terrain topography can be put in flat terrain, irregular and prone to flooding. The base module (atom) can change the distribution of environments and facades according to the conditions of each lot in particular (constructive and flexible system design).

The house has great flexibility, a ground floor bedroom can be transformed into a work space with independent access. Another possibility is to create an integrated environment by removing the wall that divides the dining room as it is not structural.

The minimum housing, consisting of a base module, includes dining, kitchen laundry, bathroom, bedroom and dining room connected to the grid by a deck. This, in turn, is used to save the car. The design of the environments of the base module, takes into account the minimum measures and their development in a plant, to enable use by disabled people. We propose to install a garden in the garden of 90 m2 surface to supply a specified type or family the opportunity to form a family enterprise. The greenhouse is useful for germinating seeds and then transplanted into the garden.

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As can be seen, decreases and increases housing vertically adjusting to the different moments in the life of its inhabitants, depending on the starting point of each other is needs. In cases of decline, the modules are reused withdrawn in whole or in part under the conditions in which they are. In turn, can then be modified for use in another house, this will achieve significant reductions in the costs of the new modules, built with recycled materials.

Operation Heat
To create a comfortable environment, using passive solar systems as the most appropriate to consider the economic reality of the river plate.

The facade facing conforms more favorable treatment for solar systems:

  • Being has a greenhouse during the winter the ambient temperature rises during the summer and cooled front.
  • The dining room has a double facade that allows winter sunlight in summer and keeps the cool facade.
  • All bedrooms contain a Trombe wall, composed of reused plastic bottles full of water that accumulate heat during the day and throw it into the environment during the night.
  • The umbrellas provide an efficient mobile shade in summer and allow sunlight to pass the winter.

Rainwater harvesting
One strategy used to save water, is the collection and use of rainwater. Through the terraces is collected rainwater is stored in a tank before passing through a filter of fine mesh. The water is driven by an electric pump inside the house to feed the washing machine, the tank of the toilet and bidet.

Water Heating
To save energy in heating water using a complementary system of passive solar heating, which provide hot water, between 45 and 75 ยบ C.

  • Reuse of greywater (water collected from the kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower) For saving water is very useful to recycle gray water and use it to irrigate the garden.
  • For greywater is not damaging to health is important not to store long file quickly and in a functionally active.
  • Greywater is collected by pipes of polypropylene, filtered, distributed and regulated through porous hoses in infiltration trenches in the garden every 45 cm.
  • The trenches are covered with organic material: leaves, crop residues, peat, etc., that filter and oxygenate the water before being absorbed by the orchard.

Technology and materials
When making a large number of tasks in the factory’s work is limited to foundation work, assembly of modules and placement of coatings in this way, we obtain very significant reductions in cost and time of work. The structural system we adopt, is the ballom frame, structural walls Eucalyptus saligna (2×4 “) and mezzanine structure of MLE eucalyptus (2×6″ and 2×5 “), all panels are covered with a plate on each side of OSB achieve the necessary rigidity of the module to complete the transfer.

modern house design for better environtment

The materials were chosen for their low environmental impact, technical features, high availability in the area and low cost. Furthermore, we propose to recover woodworks such as pinotea, cedar, oak floors and high quality pinotea to reuse modules in our house, getting the demolitions, which are currently made in large number of buildings constructed in decades of the’50 and’60.

Urban project
The entire housing is defined in a lot of 43.3×43.3 meters (fourth block). The fundamental criterion for the assembly of the joint guidance was to achieve good gardens and spaces for all dwellings. The common spaces are defined on the basis of traffic access to homes and cars. We anticipate, spaces for parking vehicles.

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