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Modern Interior Frosted Glass Sliding Doors Elegant Creative Design Ideas by Casali

February 14, 2010 by newhouseofart

modern sliding glass doors colored purple pink design

If you are looking for creative, elegant and minimalist beautiful interior doors, you can consider the innovative frosted glass door designed by Casali which create modern sliding door design. Very amazing internal door design ideas which many variety style and design that everybody can find and custom by their self to find the ideas door for their house interior design ideas. This is very perfect and suite for any luxury and modern home design. With this furniture manufacturer company door, you can create a unique living room that would be full of comfortable, elegant and the style. The solid tempered glass of these innovative doors is decorated by wonderful patterns texture. Transparent and white models seem refining and could enrich every room’s interior design. Even though bright doors of unusual colors, are also very cool and would perfectly decorate any modern room. All the glass door design are available I the sliding design. -via-

minimalist interior glass designer printed doors design

interior opaque glass door modern design ideas

elegant colores stylish frosted designer doors ideas

creative interior glass door design black white color

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