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Modern Minimalist Horizontal Space House Design Photos

October 4, 2009 by newhouseofart

modern house design horizontal space modern architecture

Clean and minimalist home design inspiration ideas from Horizontal Space house architect Duilio Damilano. Ultra modern home innovation design ideas which can be best home design ideas in that past time. The design use minimalist and luxury design concept. The homes entrance is differentiated through wide steps passing via a pomegranate tree, placed in a specifically designed position. Station on the face door, single can see the homes longitudinal successive temporary housing, floored with warm teak covering. The huge living room faces the garden and presents wide view more than the close by homes by its big windows. The wall interior design contradictory to the windows is enclosed through stagger white stone sheets. The kitchen design furthermore presents good view over the mountain, framed with a horizontal cut over the work plan. The bedroom interior design is linked to committed bathroom during a semi-transparent sliding door; that separates completely the two chairs. In the back frontage, that is much more severe, are the balcony and the doors to the grounds in the basement – a gym, garage and technological office rooms. In short, Horizontal Space house design is a good-looking home through modern architecture building qualities that directed to protect the warmth and coziness of a family house.

ultra modern interior design horizontal space architecture

modern architecture horizontal space house design

minimalist interior house design horizontal space

contemporary house design horizontal space

bedroom interior design horizontal space

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