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Modern Minimalist Rustic Villa Sweden Luxury Styles

November 3, 2009 by newhouseofart

sweden luxury villa design

Amazing interior d├ęcor, large space and windows, and beautiful lightning in the every room, also a rustic charm when we enter this modern minimalist rustic villa luxury design in Sweden. This contemporary rustic villa designs located in Torslanda, small country in Sweden. This is truly innovative villa design combine with perfect ideas interior design to create best house living or holidays place. The exterior features a unique appear and the home really looks split in two parts, even while they are linked with a stunning terrace. The interior combines contemporary furniture by classic ornamental stuff in making an awfully innovative illustration. The suspended fireplace at the interior is the focus point of the living room and the part that has the capacity to attract the delightful atmosphere the place gives away. Here it is the best sample rustic villa design photos from modern minimalist villa design luxury style in Sweden. [Via]

office room villa sweden design

modern rustic villa design

minimalist villa sweden interior

minimalist villa design sweden

minimalist rustic villa design

minimalist villa design sweden

living space vill sweden design

luxurious countryside Villa design

luxury rustic villa design

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