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Modern Minimalist Suburban House Design

September 20, 2009 by newhouseofart

modern suburban house design

Modern and minimalist suburban house designs with beauty, simple, and elegant interior design ideas. Absolutely perfect home design ideas, if you are looking for modern, contemporary, minimalist but luxury in style. This house residence is designed by OJMR Architects for leaved couple and placed in Palm Springs, California. Open spaces such as, living room, the kitchen, swimming pool and dining room are placed among wings. The rooms all right to use the courtyard through the pool through sliding glass walls. This luxury residence gives a calmness feeling and wide choice of luxurious space. With extensive modern swimming pool that appears develop into expression of the house above it. A limited palette of equipments was utilized right through the design, glass and leather, and namely wood. Each feature inside the design is modified and wonderfully formed. The wooden finish of the interiors quality enjoyable warmth to it, in spite of the sharp outline and contemporary sense, it is residence that is feels really livable.

suburban desert house bathroom design

modernistic suburban desert house design

modern suburban house interior design

modern suburban desert house

minimalist suburban desert house design

minimalist suburban desert house bathroom interior

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