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Modern Office Interior Design Artis Capital Management Relaxing Work Space

April 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

Work Space Computer Desk Office Room Decor

Again, wants to give you new inspiration “how to decor your office interior design”. This best modern office interior layout pictures gallery is designed by Rottet Studio that make amazing office architectural design with minimalist room decorating idea. Combine with ultra modern furniture, this idea is very best to create comfortable and relaxing work space. ¬†Located in San Francisco, this Artis Capital Management office has unique culture and an environment which was more house than office to the 14 people trading team. The office design was visualized as a minimalist but modern white box. As the white planes peel away, the materials structure, textures and colors schemes behind are revealed consequential in a ‘visually quiet’¬†area which counteracts the constant visual stimulation of multiple computer screens. The six small offices room interior double as mini art galleries. A large door conceals the work area and, when closed, the room is void of visual elements letting the impressive art collection to be the feature. The ultra modern lounge chairs furniture with matching ottomans allows worker to retreat into their ‘house’ and relax. For more information about this modern luxury office interior and exterior architecture project plan, visit the designer website. -via-

Ultra Modern Lounge Chair Office Room Design

Modern Furniture Design Office Minimalist Interior

Modern Conference Room Office Interior Design

Minimalist Furniture Artis Capital Management Office

Minimalist Artis Capital Management Interior

Meeting Room Artis Capital Management Office

Artis Capital Management Office Architectural

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