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Modern Showroom Interior Design Autostella Bangkok by Supermachine Studio

April 15, 2010 by newhouseofart

unique bathroom interior Autostella showroom

This minimalist and modern showroom interior decorating design ideas Autostella located in Bangkok is very good inspiration to us. Perfect combination between artistic decorations with contemporary furniture design can makes room more enjoyable and comfortable. This automotive showroom architecture is purpose to display some best car from many industries. Recently in modern history , different aspects of automobile has been give an  architecture idea, whether as a material, shape, speed of the way cars are manufactured. The types of cars Autostella building architectural keen to sell are those cute sport car and fun to drive such as Fiat 500 or some other small models of another Italian vehicle maker, Alfa Romeo. Autostella designed by Supermachine Studio is not an automobile showroom with luxury super high glass windows as commonly seen in Thailand. Every one of the window design is different size according to the dimension of the space. The room can be decorated in a different way in the future to suit the atmosphere of the new models of the cars coming-in in the future. Here is it some best Autostella modern luxury showroom automobile design pictures gallery. -via-

modern shworoom architecture design Autostella

modern showroom exterior design Autostella

modern outdoor  showroom decorating Autostella

minimalist showroom interior ideas Autostella

amazing red color showroom decor

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