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Modern Studio Architecture Parasite San Paolo Bank Design – Romania

February 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

modern studio architecture design

For this edition architectural building design ideas, we presented the modern studio of San Paolo Bank design located in Baia Mare – Romania. This new office is very comfortable with luxury and minimalist interior decorating design. This is absolutely perfect designs for our inspiration. The area has no unitary arrangement due to the lack of an existing consistent building body, on one hand and, on the other hand due to the failure to observe unitary regulations for the already built constructions. The studio office structure is fairly simple, extracting its authority from the tension connecting two main volumes, a basic one, covered with stone material, and a second one, partially supported by the first and suspended, processed more simply, with glass and plastered areas. The consequential picture is dual, the two bodies conveying the robustness of the program, as well the fineness of an insertion in a stressed context. The reference of the bow window design interpreted in contemporary, minimalist manner is materialized in the console of the meeting hall from the back facade, and its volume strengthens the tension brought by the lack of bearing points, becoming the pendant of the robustness of the unit covered by stone. The office design highlights the specificity of the plan, as well as the artless of the insertion in the outdoor, public, semi-public or private area. Here it is best sample modern studio office design pictures gallery, and visit the architect’s website for more information. -via-

modern san paolo bank architecture design

minimalist modern studio architectural design

luxury studio bank architectures idea

comfortable luxury lighting studio decor

amazing exterior studio design

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