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Modern Sustainable House Design Ideas EcoNest Southwest Clay + Straw Bale Home

March 26, 2010 by newhouseofart

econest modern sustainable house architecture

Here is it the best inspiration house design ideas about modern sustainable EcoNest Southwest Clay + Straw Bale Home great building architecture picture gallery. The warmth atmosphere of the sun light on unfinished wood materials, rough stone and simple clay plaster creates this homes feel high-quality to be around. This contemporary urban house is use clay and straw walls decor that absorb and release moisture in nature and carefully as the architecture designer plan, Paula Baker-Laporte architect and Robert Laporte master builder.

Econest house architecture building

Hefty timber framing bears the homes architectural design loads and gives an envelope for an infill of mixed clay and straw that is stabilized by horizontal bamboo rods. The one foot thick clay or straw wall, utilizing waste clay dust reclaimed from a local brick industrial unit, has the insulation and storage space capability to maintain interior temperatures atmosphere and humidity well-regulated. Different with a regular straw-bale home, the clay or straw mixes the insulating properties of straw with the thermal properties of earth, creating it home design more resistant to fire or decay. This house building is perfect for the warm days and cool nights of the southwestern United States (USA), and it is simple to make. Using the principles of Bau-Biologie, EcoNest envisions a construction as a third skin, after you’re own, and your clothing. So EcoNest avoids chemical hazards, electromagnetic fields, and the effects of geopathic stresses. Here is it enjoy the modern sustainable house architectural photos gallery. -via-

contemporary econest living room interior

Econest warmth interior atmosphere

Econest wall covering house decor

Econest urban house living ideas

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