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Modern Urban House Plan Mexico City Innovation

October 10, 2009 by newhouseofart

modern urban house living room design

This is best photos of modern and minimalist urban house design pictures from Mexico City. This is beautiful urban house design with elegant and contemporary design. Such as some homes in that area is extremely linked to the outer room and has fantastic landscape about it. The whole first floor has a make contact through the gardens approximately the house. Mixture of limestone, glass and steel are used to offer a physically powerful houses and smooth modern minimalist appear. Neutral colors and materials and high-tech lighting scheme inside the house hold up in difference to the sight and put in a number of stylishness. These have asymmetrical shapes special answer to the landscape. This town home is placed in Mexico City and was designed by Gomez Crespo Arquitectos. This is perfect urban home design ideas to make your dream house.

modern urban house interior design mexico

modern urban house design mexico

modern urban house design exterior

minimalist modern urban house plans

contemporary urban house design

contemporary  kitchen interior urban house design

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