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Modern Versatile Pool Sofa Aluminum Frame Synthetic Rattan

January 30, 2011 by newhouseofart

Comfortable Sofa Pool Furniture

Do you think this modern versatile sofa design is look comfortable? Yeah, these outdoor sofa pool furniture ideas designed for ladies named Fiore and created by B-alance famous Swiss design firm. The simple sofa ideas won one of the prestigious 2009 Red Dot Awards for its remarkable drawing and arrangement. This is outstanding to the unusual sofa materials used to make it: the handmade sofa furniture, it has an aluminum frame plus synthetic rattan. Particularly made for exterior decors, such as a green home garden, an outdoor modern pool, otherwise the external perimeter of a luxury beach house, the couch is sun proof, sense that the sofa color will not go away in moment. Very versatile, you able to see how it can be prearranged for special situations and also for singular numbers of people. So, do you want to make your pool parties more perfect? Get this one for this sofa from this website.

Swiss Sofa Pool Exterior Decoration

Relaxing Sofa Pool White Pink Color

Outdoor Sofa Party Design Idea

Fiore Sofa Inspired by Flowers

Comfortable Sofa Pool Idea

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